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Gillian McMichael

Hi, I am Gillian McMichael, a certified transformational life coach and transformational speaker. I am here to help you transform your life and reclaim your purpose.

I'm the UK’s leading transformational wellness coach, with over twenty years of personal wellness & self development experience in helping people find meaning and joy in their lives.

Empowering you

I don’t change lives. I help you find the courage to change your own life. I am an enabler and your biggest cheerleader.

I am here for you

I approach my clients and coaching practice with humility, honesty and vulnerability. With me, what you see is what you get. I am as real and raw as you.

It starts with you

Are you ready to take the first step and embark on a transformational journey?

Show me how
I am a transformational speaker who shares my personal journey and experiences to help others make the changes required to transform their lives

Meet Gillian McMichael

  • Coached over 10,000 clients
  • Trained over 8,000 students to become coaches
  • Works internationally delivering transformational workshops, wellness retreats and events
  • Lives in Edinburgh, UK with her second husband
  • Mother of one
  • ICF Master Coach
  • Chopra Centre Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic & Perfect Health Teacher
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher 
  • Reiki Master

I know what it feels like to rebuild your life from nothing. In 2010 I lost nearly everything I had. I was left to build my life from the ground up, holding my 6-year-old’s hand, with only a few suitcases and a mountain of debt.

Today, I have turned my life around. I am a successful businesswoman and internationally renowned motivational and wellness speaker, podcaster, certified wellness coach and author.

I have transformed my own life, and my purpose is to help you do the same.


Through a unique and powerful combination of science-backed tools and Eastern philosophies, let’s work together to move beyond your fears and past conditioning to honour who you really are.

I'm here to help you heal, coach you towards returning home, to your true self, and teach you tools and techniques that will help you remain there, to design and live the life you want to live.


Waking up surrounded by the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains in the heart of Sóller, Mallorca. Spend peaceful and meditative mornings practising pranayama and immersing yourself in restorative yoga flow classes.

I have created three signature retreats to help you find balance, fulfilment and purpose.  

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