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Gillian McMichael

Wellness Retreats

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Take time away from the office, your family and the daily grind to spend a week in investing in you and your personal development. Gillian McMichael has created three signature transformational retreats to help you find balance, fulfilment and purpose.


You will learn how to integrate and embed the philosophies, practices and principles of wellness. You will rediscover how to live an abundant and vibrant life.


Mixing ancient wisdom with modern day approaches to wellness you will learn to appreciate, accept and affirm who you are. You will reconnect with the whole of you.


You will have the space and time you need to relax and quieten your mind. You will have time to reflect, re-align, recharge - listening deeply to your body, mind and spirit.

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Our all-inclusive wellness retreats are a totally immersive experience that allow you to take a step back from all the stresses and strains of your daily life in order to focus on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

What's included

All Food & Refreshments (vegan & vegetarian options)

8 Yoga session & Meditation sessions

Art therapy

Guided journaling session

Chakra toning

Mindful walk through the countryside

Personal reiki healing treatment

Personal wellness consultation

Special welcome and farewell dinner

Workbook and Journal

Luxury wellness gift bag

Virtual group follow up session

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What an experience, I feel humbled, excited and extremely grateful for what I have gained this week. The connection, the energy and most of all finding inner peace. The inner work continues but I have the tools to successfully grown and become best friends with myself

Ashleigh Cattanach, Edinburgh

It was amazing and I am grieving already. You were tirelessly giving and made it very special – thank you.

Amanda Thompson, London

Thank you, Gillian for an amazing 5 days that I will never forget. You truly are an angel

Fiona Ogg, Edinburgh

Thank you Gillian, for creating such a safe haven that not only provided me with trust but also the ability to tune in, be creative in my thinking and to apply simple concepts to my life.

Verena Seipp, Frankfurt

This was the best decision I have ever made. The whole experience was amazing from the moment I arrived at the villa until the final evening. It was powerful, informative and great fun. I met a wonderful group of people who shared the same challenges and experiences as I. Each day I would join the meditation sessions followed by gentle yoga and this set me up for the day. The week was split between learning, pure relaxation and mindful movement.

Rachel William, Wales

Gillian promised by the end of the retreat I would feel amazing and I do. I would highly recommend the retreats as a way to top up your tank, help you discover more about yourself and give you the space so you can truly make time for you - I am looking forward to sustaining my wellness. I feel like a different person.

Sam Richmond, London

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We offer a range of retreats to suit your needs. We offer both personal and professional development experiences that will offer you literally the opportunity to step back and retreat. 

Show Up & Shine Retreat
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You will be given space to nurture yourself, contemplate and learn and get to know yourself in a truly life supporting environment.

Coming Home Retreat
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