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Gillian McMichael
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Personal Wellness Tips From A Corporate Wellness Speaker

27 Dec 2023

“ Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. So if something makes you unhappy - change it ”

As the year comes to an end and a new year starts, it’s a great time to reflect on employee morale and to engage positively with each team member. 

Hi, I’m Gillian McMichael, a health and wellness speaker specialising in guiding people to deeply connect with themselves on the journey to transformational development. With my OneLifeAtHome platform, I have put together all my knowledge, skills and topics to create over 200 programmes designed just for you. It’s important to note that as a corporate wellness speaker, I often see how employee morale isn’t just about how happy your staff are, it’s so much more than that. Good corporate wellness can translate into how healthy your company culture is and how impactful and positive the company leaders and managers are with communication with teams.

Here Are A Few Ways To Boost Employee Morale And Company Culture

1. Introduce Regular One-On-One’s

Frequent communication between leaders, managers and team members ensures the entire team gets the support they need. To make the most of these meetings, it’s important to set a structure to ensure each team member makes the best use of the time and allows them to ask pressing questions. Regular one-on-one meetings will mean less time ‘catching up’ with each team member and more focus on pivotal discussions and prioritising each team member’s work life leading to an increase in engagement, productivity and best of all, a higher level of trust.

2. Enlighten Your Managers

A manager often takes on the role of ‘coach’ to their team and as a result, needs to be able to identify individual talents. Instead of pushing each team member for high performance, their value should be in helping each team member identify their strengths and then seek out opportunities for them to use these talents to shine. At OneLifeAtHome, positive affirmations are encouraged to find the power within to embrace all possibilities. This will tap into a deeper understanding and motivation for the team members. If time permits, regular yoga and meditation sessions allow each team member to balance their emotions, destress and start each task with a positive and mindful outlook. It is wonderful to let each team member know that you see them as a whole person instead of a number. Often this increases the capability of a team.

3. Show Appreciation And Gratitude

After a long year of pushing performance and stressful deadlines, it’s important to look back on what has been achieved and show gratitude. I like to emphasise this approach because as a corporate wellness speaker, I found that a little goes a long way to cultivating a happy and healthy company culture. Show your appreciation to each team member by highlighting their strengths and contributions. This is invaluable and can result in a more engaged, productive, and creative year ahead. While work exists as a constant it’s important to realise that each team member has hopes and goals of their own. Appreciation and positive affirmations are contagious and major benefactors in increasing the health of your company culture.

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