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Gillian McMichael

Meditation is not a self-improvement project

30 Jan 2023

Meditation is not a self-improvement project, it’s a lifestyle choice. Most people assume that meditation is difficult, and, in many ways, it can be if you believe it to be difficult. Yet, if you approach meditation with an open mind and appreciate that it is a practise, something that you need to practise daily, then your expectations of yourself and how you should meditate will disappear.

It’s important to remember that if you force meditation, you judge yourself, if it's good or bad, it's right or wrong then the meditation practise will not be as it's meant to be.

So how do you meditate?

You simply find yourself a quiet space, ideally you will meditate first thing in the morning, find your quiet space and sit silently connecting to your breath. Start off with two minutes every morning and increase to four minutes, then increase to six and beyond until you reach the 20 or 30 minute mark. 

Remember meditation there is no requirement for perfection it is a simple practise.

Meditation requires commitment and a desire to find stillness within.  If you do this practise and follow this simple approach to meditation, every day for 30 days, you will find yourself with a different mindset.

You will notice that life is easier and your outlook will be different. Alongside those general benefits of meditation, you will also find the following happening internally to you:

  • Your blood pressure will lower
  • Your cholesterol will lower
  • Your anti-ageing hormones will increase meaning you will look fresher and younger
  • Your stress levels anxiety levels and sense of overwhelmed will start to disappear
  • You will feel rested and have more energy
  • You will have more clarity and focus
  • Your sleep patterns will improve

Finally, you will have a greater sense of balance within. 

Try it – you have nothing to loose!

Learn how to meditate

“ Meditation is not only a self-improvement project, it’s a lifestyle choice. Join Gillian McMichael, a certified wellness coach and meditation coach, at her next meditation retreat. ”