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Gillian McMichael
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Overcoming Your Imposter

31 Mar 2023

As my yoga teacher training comes to a close I am reminded once again about the importance of trust in yourself. Self doubt is something we’ve all experienced in our lives and at times that self doubt may have held you back or stopped you from following your dreams.

Self-doubt is something I have battled with throughout my life and I have come to accept that it may always be something I have to battle. You may feel the same?

It is part of the human condition, to question ourselves specifically in the areas of self worth and self belief. Just because we may battle with it and accept it, it doesn’t mean to say that we let it take over and dominate our lives.

It does not need to be the constant voice that takes over every thought or every experience. We can learn to tame that voice and over time invite it to become a whisper that we can barely hear.

The art of quietening the voice of doubt is to start listening to a deeper part of yourself. Instead of relying on your mind to guide you, you listen to your gut instead first. This is what I call my place of knowing. My truth. Instead of going to that place of thinking (your mind) you go to your place of knowing (your gut) and when doubt arises, take a breath, and ask yourself what do I know about this situation, what do I know about me. Close your eyes and allow your truth to come through.

I can guarantee the voice you hear won't be saying "you can’t do it" and won’t be saying "you’re no good at that". The voice you hear back will be your truth and it will be the voice of compassion, the voice of kindness and one of honesty.

We all have a voice of doubt so choose now in this moment to listen from your place of knowing and practice it everyday and before you know it, your self doubt will be a whisper and one over time you realise does not need to be heard.

If you want to have a chat to find out more about how I can help you overcome your barriers to success, reach out. I’d love to hear from you.